Focusing is easy. Focusing on what’s important is difficult. I am searching for ways to better choose what to focus on.


Getting into a flow is important to me. It’s a beautiful span of time where I’m fully absorbed in whatever I’m doing. To achieve this, I’m very particular about my work environment.

Work Environment

My ideal work environment is silent, clean, and dark. Nighttime provides an excellent environment for this, but I prefer working during the day. I take adderall early in the morning, so my window of focus is 9 am – 6 pm.


To be truly productive, things need to be automatic. The best way to do this is through routine. I have tweaked and refined my routine over the years, but it goes like this:

  • Wake up

  • Eat (Coffee, bagel w/ egg + avocado, yogurt, fruit)

  • Write

  • Exercise (weights, cardio, yoga)

  • Shower (more on this)

  • Meditate

  • Start day

I’ve yet to stick to a solid routine during the day and night. I’m working to improve this and will update as soon as possible.


I’ve used a lot of tools to help focus - here’s the ones I use most consistantly:

Each tool has a specific purpose. I’ve discovered most tools through Reddit, Medium, or this wiki.


  • You can't manage projects. You can only manage actions related to projects

  • Your mind is like a desk. It has finite space and can only hold a certain amount of things at once. Write it down and clear your mind.